Saturday, 4 February 2012

Finger marks on a car bulb, and what happens when you do

finger mark on car bulbfinger mark on car bulb

Have you ever wondered why car mechanics tell you not to get finger marks on the car bulb during replacement?

It's because it causes them to fail - specifically, the grease deposits (left behind when the fingers touch the glass) heat up, and cause the glass to melt, or deform.

That causes what you see above !


  1. and to think i thought it was a myth!

    i presume the same can be said of them bulbs you use in spotlights on houses

  2. Quite possibly, depends how hot they get?
    Perhaps you could try it, and leave your finger on there for 10 minutes or so?

  3. yeah it will deform and that's why we should aware if we replace a car bulb because it's sensitive

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