Wednesday, 26 November 2014

How to Unlock / Flash a HTC DESIRE S with a new ANDROID KITKAT ROM

Firstly, enable USB debugging, and to install from UNKNOWN sources

Next, install the HTC SYNC app on a pc

This will install the HTC SYNC app, and also the HTC USB drivers that are needed.
Now uninstall the HTC SYNC app, but leave the HTC drivers installed.

Next, connect the phone via USB to the pc to check to see if the PC can connect to the phone, and see it as a USB drive.

Now time to download various additional files for UNLOCK, RECOVERY, and OS INSTALL

Open the following page for reference, and continue reading below.

1) grab the ADB / fastboot files

2) grab a copy of the RECOVERY app
Download link at the bottom of the page is :

3) grab a copy of the KITKAT rom for HTC Desire S (HTC DS) ""

meta-inf link :

3.1)Open the ROM zip file and replace the meta-inf folder with the attachment above.
3.2)Step 1 will give you lot of goodies and no need to flash Gapps,If you dont want goodies
3.3)step b.1 & b.2 are not compulsory but beneficial
"GOODIE STEPS" not tested with BR2 but should work

4) grab a copy of GOOGLE APS install zip ""

5) grab a copy of the superuser app from the xda thread

6)unlock with htcdev (
In the dropdown list select ''All other supported models'' and follow the instructions.
which will take you to ""

Click through to page 2 (aka Proceed to Step 5)
- don't bother with downloading the fastboot binary
- you have already downloaded it via step (1) above.

7) unzip (1) somewhere, and open CMD as administrator at the unzipped folder location.

8) Type "fastboot oem get_identifier_token"
8.1) to check you have connection to the phone type (via cmd)
"adb devices"
or "fastboot devices"

9) you should now be at Step 6 on the "" page.
Follow it's instructions.
Submit your device identifier token, and HTCDEV will email the unlock binary.

10) Once you've submitted the token, you'll be sent an email with your unlock key as a file attachment.
Follow the further instructions and a link to complete the Bootloader process that's in the email.

You'll be directed to flash the unlock token with a command similar to:
fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin

This will result in an unlocked phone.
Now, you are ready to have a RECOVERY app installed, and then the new OS, and Google Apps, and the SU app.

11) Flash a recovery
Grab "recovery.img" is inside the RECOVERY zip file that was downloaded in (2), and move it to the ADB folder, then issue the command:
via cmd>fastboot flash RECOVERY recovery.img

11.1) In HBOOT (HTC Bios) select "RECOVERY"
This will boot up the RECOVERY app that was just flashed.
11.2) Within RECOVERY
-make a backup of your stock,unrooted rom. completely optional,but a very good idea,IMO.
-wipe cache
-wipe dalvik cache
-install zip from sd card
Install the ROM (3)
Install the Google App store (4)
Install the SU app (5)

12) flash root files
12.1) Within the KITKAT ROM zip file, there's a "boot.img" file
We need to flash this to the phone similar to how the RECOVERY image was flashed.
via cmd>fastboot flash BOOT boot.img

Now reboot, and give the phone 10 minutes to boot up.
The screen will appear black, but give it 10 minutes - leave the phone alone.

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