Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Ebay 10% voucher for toys

Just in time for Christmas, until 10 pm today, use the coupon code CUKFB220 at the checkout to get 10% off toys on eBay.co.uk (excluding P&P) when you pay with PayPal!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Tubigrip Abdominal support for Pregnant mums

Tubigrip Abdominal support for Pregnant mums.

Some simple instructions on abdominal support, support around the stomach and ribs.

From Warrington general hospital.

Full Size Formula 1 High End Racing Car Simulator £89999.89 @ Costco

Costco link.

Price includes delivery, set up and training.
This item is made to order with your own choice of colour. Delivery will take between 12 - 18 weeks.

This full size high end F1 Show car with simulation equipment is exhilarating fun!
Manufactured by specialists F1 car and simulator constructor FMCG International, who have been producing high end F1 cars and simulators since 1986.

As this item is made to order, you can choose the colour of the shell, to match your favourite team.

  • Brand: FMCG International Model.
  • Number: N/A.
  • Floor plan: Composite, finished with carbon fibre detail.
  • Main tub: Woven composite.
  • Side pods: Composite, finished with carbon fibre detail inside.
  • Rear deck (engine cover): Composite, finished, includes integral aero components.
  • Nose cone: Composite with detailed fixings to main tub and pillars to front.
  • Main plan and front wing: Composite, finished with carbon fibre details.
  • Head rest: Composite - removable to allow easy access for when in use as simulator.
  • Engine / gear box frame: Spacer frame manufactured from box section - fully seam welded and coated black.
  • Rear deformable structure: Composite, finished in carbon fibre. Rain light detail above Rear wing end plates: Composite with aero detail to outside face.
  • Rear wing main plane: Composite, finished in carbon fibre on leading edge.
  • Uprights: Machined from high grade alloy.
  • Brake callipers: AP Racing or Brembo.
  • Wheel nuts: Machined from high grade metal, anodised in Red and Black to identify side of car.
  • Brake disks: Carbon, with disc bell from machined from high grade metal.
  • Upper wishbones: Carbon Fibre detail where visible.
  • Lower wishbones: Carbon Fibre detail where visible.
  • Push rods: Carbon Fibre detail where visible.
  • Gear box: Machined from single block of alloy, with alloy drive shafts.
  • Wheel rims: Magnesium alloy, sprayed in contrasting colour.
  • Tyres: Pirelli F1™ travel / show tyres.
  • T camera: Composite carbon fibre finished in black / carbon with orange race decals.
  • Brake ducts: Composite with carbon detail secured to uprights.
  • Exhausts: Protruding from rear body work, polished finish.
  • Steering: Custom made, high use force feedback unit with industrial rollers and motors.
  • Steering wheel: Quick release steering wheel that is designed to visually match an F1™ type steering wheel.
  • Pedals: High end solution, with electronically adjustable (suitable for varying height users).
  • Painting: All body work is prepared for final painting, primed, undercoated and finished in a high gloss top coat.

    Final colour to be finished in Silver, Red or Black.
    Please specify this at time of ordering:-
  • Screen: 3 x23 inch wide TFT Screens (8ms) with super slim bezels, mounted on an adjustable frame.
  • Speakers: 5.1 digital speaker system, screen towers house main front speakers, with remaining speakers located inside the car. Sub-woofer is positioned at driver’s back for added effect.
  • Computer: Custom super high end digital PC with Intel Core i7 processor, Intel SSD hard drive for ultimate read / write speeds, triple head graphics card with display port, 16GB RAM, 1200w PSU, Windows 7 –64 bit professional, wireless keyboard with integral mouse.

  • Wednesday, 24 October 2012

    Laithwaite's 2 x £20 off wine voucher

    "Order any 12 bottles of  wine from the enclosed offers and receive a £20 discount with this voucher.
    Claim your £20 saving now on 0845 194 7700, visit laithwaites.co.uk or return this  voucher with your order form."

    "Valid when you order 12 or more bottles of wine by 5th December 2012.
    Only one voucher per case.
    Terms and conditions overleaf."

    Voucher numbers :

    Vouchers came with the October 2012 catalog.

    Thursday, 18 October 2012

    Top Gear, outside the One Shop, Christchurch, Dorset

    Outside the One Shop on Barrack Road in Christchurch as the Top Gear team are about to make an appearance!

    Apparently, they are doing a segment on OAPs... this signified what they like/need in cars!

    To be aired in February apparently.


    Saturday, 13 October 2012

    Facebook shortcuts in Google Chrome, and Firefox

    I've just stumbled across the following Facebook shortcuts.
    Pretty neat!

    Google chrome

    Alt+MNew message
    Alt+0Help center
    Alt+2Profile Page
    Alt+3Manage friend lists
    Alt+4Message lists
    Alt+5Notification lists
    Alt+6Account settings
    Alt+7Privacy settings
    Alt+8Facebook Fan pages
    Alt+9Facebook item
    Alt+?Search box

    Mozilla FireFox

    Shift+Alt+mNew message
    Shift+Alt+2Profile Page
    Shift+Alt+3Manage friend lists
    Shift+Alt+4Massage liss
    Shift+Alt+5Notification lists
    Shift+Alt+6Account settings
    Shift+Alt+7Privacy settings
    Shift+Alt+8Facebook Fan page
    Shift+Alt+9Facebook Term
    Shift+Alt+?Search box

    Build a Bear watching South Korean F1 Grand Prix

    Build a Bear watching South Korean F1 Grand Prix with Jake Humphreys, Eddie Jordan and David Coulthard. Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

    Wednesday, 10 October 2012

    VW AUDI SEAT SKODA reprogramming key fob

    Original material from www.techwatch.co.uk and cross referenced with www.autokeysquad.com and my first "How To" video !.

    I've recently experienced loss of operation of my skoda key fob, and thought I needed to reprogram the key fob.

    Luckily, I just replaced the internal battery with a new CR2032 (or CR2025 and some paper wadding).

    I've post a video on YouTube : How To Replace the Battery in the Key Fob

    Anyway - the process to reprogram the key fob is detailed below (try these instructions at your own risk !)

    Remote Control Programming (1997 ON)
    The process requires the use of 2 keys.
    The 1st key is your original key that is working in your car.
    The 2nd key will be a new remote key correctly cut to work in your locks,
    or the 2nd key could be an existing remote key which has a damaged remote, or doesn't seem to work.

    Top Tip ! Always lower drivers window when carrying out this procedure (so you can reach into the car).

    1. Place your 1st key in ignition and turn on so that dash is lit up and leave the key in the ignition.
    2. Mechanically lock the drivers side door and lock with the 2nd key.
    3. Using the remote on the 2nd key, press the unlock button once. The horn should sound (if the horn doesn't sound don't worry just carry on with the procedure).
    4. Wait 6 seconds and again press unlock button once (on the 2nd key). The remote is now programmed.
    5. Now switch off ignition and try your remote.

    And for completeness - here's the process for blanking key fobs.

    Remote Control Erasing (1997 ON)

    1. Place your 1st key in ignition and turn on so that dash is lit up, leaving the key in the ignition.
    2. Mechanically lock the drivers door using a second key.
    3. Press the remote control unlock button on the 2nd key 5 times in 1 second intervals. A short horn will sound.
    4. Wait 6 seconds and press the unlock button once on the 2nd key to activate memory erase.
    5. Switch ignition off, all remote key fobs are now erased.