Saturday, 13 October 2012

Facebook shortcuts in Google Chrome, and Firefox

I've just stumbled across the following Facebook shortcuts.
Pretty neat!

Google chrome

Alt+MNew message
Alt+0Help center
Alt+2Profile Page
Alt+3Manage friend lists
Alt+4Message lists
Alt+5Notification lists
Alt+6Account settings
Alt+7Privacy settings
Alt+8Facebook Fan pages
Alt+9Facebook item
Alt+?Search box

Mozilla FireFox

Shift+Alt+mNew message
Shift+Alt+2Profile Page
Shift+Alt+3Manage friend lists
Shift+Alt+4Massage liss
Shift+Alt+5Notification lists
Shift+Alt+6Account settings
Shift+Alt+7Privacy settings
Shift+Alt+8Facebook Fan page
Shift+Alt+9Facebook Term
Shift+Alt+?Search box

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