Saturday, 17 November 2012

Crunch Belly Pork - chinese style

Crunchy Belly Pork

Crunchy Belly Pork

1) half a lemon
2) salt
3) baking soda
4) chinese spice
5) pork belly

a) SCRAPE the skin of the belly of pork so it becomes "furry".
b) Spike the skin for the belly pork so that the salt/baking soda (next part) get's into the spike holes.
c) cover the sliced side of the lemon with salt, and also add touch of the baking soda so that it sticks on the lemon - then rub this into the belly of pork.
d) repeat (c) till the belly of pork skin is salted.
e) hang the belly of pork for AT LEAST 1 day for the salt to draw the moisture out of the skin.
f) after a day or so - get a large basting tray and wire rack. The rack is essential so that the meat is not stewing in any cooking fats that come out of the meat.
g) quickly preheat an oven to max (mine was a fan assisted one, max was 230 C).
h) place cured meat on rack in the tray and place in the middle of the oven for about 1hour 20mins (check after 40 minutes).
i) keep the kitchen well ventilated when you open the oven door.
j) once the meat is cooked, you could hang it up to rest before getting the meat cleaver out to chop into bite-sized portions.

If the meat is quite fatty, hang till it stops dripping.

Cook for an hour or till cooked.


UPDATE : todays attempt (18-NOV-2012)

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