Friday, 15 March 2013

Punto Mk2 and 2b Bonnet Release Cable and How to Open Bonnet if Cable has Snapped

How to open the Fiat Punto bonnet when the bonnet cable / release cable has snapped.

I jacked up the car, and grabbed the cable from underneath - watch the quick video, and find out how to get the bonnet released.

Please share this around, to help fellow Fiat Punto owners, or anyone with a car for that matter.


  1. This is great thanks. For anyone else doing this if your cable has come right away from the release mechanism under the bonnet, as mine had done, you can still do it this way. Under the car insert a screwdriver (or allen key in my case) into the hole that the cable goes into the mechanism and push towards the middle of the car - you'll have to wobble it around a bit until you hit the right part of the mechanism to make the bonnet pop. But it's a shed load easier than trying to undo the two 13mm bolts on the mechanism through the tiny gap you can make between the bonnet and the bumper.

  2. Great video Very simple Dont need to take radiator out etc