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Free 2 for 1 Movie Tickets 1st 2nd December 2015 Meerkat Movies

Here's this weeks voucher for 2 for 1 cinema tickets, from Meerkat Movies.

Works at cineworld, and odeon, maybe more.

Valid on:

Tuesday 1st December 2015

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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Tomato Risotto

Another fool proof meal from a man that can't cook.

Tomato Risotto
Roast a lasagna dish of tomato's drizzled with olive oil, salt pepper.
In a Le Creuset dish, add 3 table spoons of rapeseed oil.
Fry 1 chopped onion
Add 225ml risotto rice, and stir until coated.
Add 3 clove's crushed garlic.
Add 750ml chicken stock (I used a chicken stock cube).
Bring to boil.
Add oregano.
Place in oven @150C for 15 minutes - check / stir, leaving the lid off.
Take out of the oven when the stock water has been absorbed, and the risotto is a rice pudding consistency.
Now stir in roasted tomatoes from the lasagna dish and add grated Parmesan, and Basil.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Prawn Noodle's

Boil kettle, for rice noodles (half a 400g packet)
Check the prawns have been defrosted.
Drain prawn water.
Add chilli, lime juice, small crushed clove of garlic.
Peel 6 carrots into strips.
Finely chop ¼ of a chili
Place carrots, noodles, prawns chili into bowl in that order.
Drizzle lime juice over (3 limes), and toss.
There should be lime juice at the bottom if you lift the mixture out.

Laser Infrared Thermometer AR320

Here is the instruction leaflet for the Smart Sensor AR320 Non-contact infrared thermometer.

 photo IMG_20151007_213311.jpg  photo IMG_20151007_213340.jpg

Friday, 20 February 2015

SQL SERVER Reporting Services Conditional Formatting trick to format colour

Here's a handy hint / tip for SSRS (sql server reporting services) to quickly reference the current cell.

We can use this "trick" to then quickly handle cell / font formatting.

=IIF(Me.Value < 0,"IndianRed","DarkSeaGreen")

This will be a great time saver, as it'll mean you don't have to lookup the cell name each time you want to perform a conditional format.
=IIF(ReportItems!Textbox1.Value <0, "IndianRed","DarkSeaGreen")