Sunday, 17 April 2016

Baby blog - feeding

Bottle feeding.

Have a baby bib / muslin ready, and perhaps a cushion to place under your arm for support.

During the first few days, the baby may appear to have "pool" the milk in their mouth when drinking.  This is probably down to the fact that they're getting used to drinking larger amounts of milk in one sustained period.

Also, when born, their stomach is only the size of a plum stone, so it fills up quickly.

So, burp regularly (every 15ml) to start with.

Also, with the bottle, ensure a that its sealed around the babies mouth like a nipple would have been.  This helps when the baby tries to swallow, as the milk is less likely to flow out of their mouth, and down their throat.

If the baby cries, is mildly distressed during a milk feed, it'll just be wind / air that they have swallowed during the feed.

Prop up the baby in one hand, by placing / leaning the babies chest in palm of your left hand, thumb and ring finger under each armpits, and head resting on the middle and index fingers, and rub their back with the other hand.
The majority of the babies weight will be supported by the finger and thumb that are under the armpits, and the palm of your hand, so their leaning forward into your hand if that makes sense.

Any trapped air / pocket of gas will "burble" up eventually, and the baby will burp this out.

Alternatively, you may notice that the baby passes wind during the feeding session which is also a good sign.

During a feed, the baby will often fall asleep, as the milk is soporific.

Simple massage the babies leg / foot during the feeding session, and gently push the bottle teat into the babies roof of their mouth to keep them awake / stimulated, to remind them that their still feeding, and that the bottle is still in their mouth.

As a visual queue, you can watch the babies throat as they swallow so that you can see the baby drinking.

Information in this blog is from my own personal experience / observation and only for my own reference.  If you find it useful, then great, buy it shouldn't be considered "gospel", and your own experience may and will differ as each baby / situation is different.

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