Tuesday, 14 March 2017

TED Talk - 10 ways to have a better conversation


Celeste Headlee

1) don't multi-task - be present | in that conversation moment | don't be half-in the conversation
2) don't pontificate - enter every conversation assume that you have something to learn | everyone you will every meet knows something you don't | always be prepared to be amazed.
3) use open-ended questions
what was that like | how does that feel
4) go with the flow (let thoughts enter your mind, and let them go again)
5) if you don't know - say that you don't know | err on the side of cautioni
6) don't equate personal experience with their's | it's not a competition | it's not the same | all experiences are individual | it's not about you
7) try not to repeat yourself
8) stay out of the weeds - people don't care about names / dates / detials | people care about you, what you like, what you have in-common
9) listen - listening is the most important skill - if your mouth is open, you're not learning | no man ever listened his way out of a job
10) be brief - be a mini-skirt - short | to the point - summaries | be interesting, be long-enough to cover the subject.