Sunday, 4 May 2014

How to VCD Vagcom Prime / Purge your Fuel System / Fuel Filter (2009+ models)

Open up VCDS and follow these instructions:
  1. [Select]
  2. [01 - Engine]
  3. [Basic Settings - 04]
  4. Set Group to “035″ (Fuel Supply Pump Activation)
  5. [Go!]
  6. [ON/OFF/Next]
This activates the fuel pump in the fuel tank, and the fuel pump (engine auxiliary) next to the engine.

The electric fuel pumps should run for 30 seconds

Purge 3 times (or more) if injectors have been replaced, or fuel system was flushed.

Alternatively, to cycle only the pump in the fuel tank:
  1. [Select]
  2. [01 - Engine]
  3. [Output Tests]
  4. [Fuel Pump Relay Control Circuit] from dropdown
  5. [Start]

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